Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good morning Blogland...
So much going on.

Van I bought is I sold it to some guy AS IS for 400, and the digital stereo for 300...made back my money!  Yes I did get ripped off but lesson learned!  Dwight thinks he can get me a good deal for under 1000, and he is picky so I'll trust him...looks lie more buses for right now.
Kathleen was not accepted for Canada's Got Talent 2012, but i am so proud of her anyhow for taking the initiative.

Shauna is becoming all girly on me, and Marnie is in exam week.  Alysha, Leah's just a major pain in my arse right now and I have had enough of the steps were taken to protect Leah from more drama.

Shanna has  a page on Facebook now for her photography, and her father and i are impressed with her eye for the camera, she gets it from her grandmother I'm sure, Pat too had an eye for that kind of thing.  Doug Sr has surgery yesterday and I haven't caught up with Doug, but I'm hoping he is OK....age is horrible.

Had an interesting session with Kathleen at JH this week....cathartic for sure. Made me aware of what IS my responsibility, and what is NOT mine to take blame on....moving forward.

Cupcake pics to be posted later this week... I'm excited.

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