Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cuts like a knife.

Today will go down as a day of growth.
Today will be remembered as the day my heart was broken, my trust destroyed and the world ended.
Today I gave up.

Today I called the CAS on Marnie and filed an official complaint that she herself is a negligent self serving mother.  She showed up here at 2 pm with 2 policemen, and removed Kaey.  Damien was aware she had done this, and I may never see Kaey again.

She went to Shannas.
The girls are furious and concerned for Kaey.
Marnie will always be a dram queen and I will never trust her again.

Today she cut my heart out with a knife...and still she wants to be right.

Ok Marnie you're right...I now hate you and your ignorance, I hate how you treat people,and i hate how you are nothing more than a self serving pathological liar hell bent on destroying those who love you.

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