Wednesday, October 12, 2011


As per my last post, I ventured into the world of cupcakes and home baking...and had success!

Last week was an event at the children's school so I volunteered and made 500 cupcakes for the school, teachers included.  A variety of flavours, textures and icings later...we have had success.  I have had several parents approach me this weekend to make orders for their childrens' birthdays, and the Parent Council has asked that I provide them baked goods a month as a fundraiser....we're going to get new basketball hops this year.

The kids are excited, the kitchen is alive with smell of cinnamon and vanilla ( such a blessing during the fall), and the health board has been called in to approve my kitchen.  They arrive this week!  Thank goodness I am a clean freak, experience owning my own restaurant has taught  me what they are looking for!

So off into a world of batter, billboards, babies and giggles we go...its never boring!

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