Friday, October 14, 2011

Pink, Puzzled and Precocious!

Awaken to a grey sky, the sound of rain as it splashes and cars zoom past, racing to destinations unknown...everyone scrambling to meet the deadline as today is Friday.  Praise be Friday!

Not just any Friday, may I add, but the Friday after a short work week!  A Friday where time comes to a standstill, almost as a punishment for allowing us the glory of staying home last weekend to indulge in the festivities of family and good fortune, reminiscent of times past, and Thankful for the blessings we are provided, but so often forget in our path to tomorrow. Sitting back, languishing the promises of tomorrow, I sip my morning coffee, blessed upon me by a daughter who knows that this will bring out the smile for a rather dreary day.  I listen as the weather man promises us 'more rain over the next few days', while the children scramble to grab back packs, I ask "What time will you be home?", more rushing as kisses are offered for everyone present  as they speed of to the demands of their 9 to 3:30 'work' day, sharing laughter or gossip.
Such is my life.  

The blessings of greater promises rushes around the corner, laughing being chased by they ask the age old question "can we colour" in the tones that toddlers do, eyes wide with anticipation of the rainbow of reds, blues, greens before them...the promise of creativity and what it presents amazes me as they grasp at the idea of trying to stay in the line...this is not a skill, rather Mt. Everest conquered in the eyes of a wise eyond her years, three year old.  Boldly she holds up her books, and proclaims for the neighborhood to hear (why do they always insist they don't?)  "Mamo, I did it!". Her cheeks pink from trying, her mind working at the puzzling task before her she beams that mega watt smile...and once again, my heart melts and all is right in the world.  Never to be outdone, as is the habit of the younger blessing, who has come into our home, some days just to test our patience, and force us to practice the belief "that this too shall pass", she pops her little blonde curls into the my line of view and says "look Mamo, I did it pink too"...I smile and commend her on her task well done, and she too beams as they squabble over the green crayon that lies before them.  I point out easily, "Ladies, there are two green crayons, can we share?"...they slyly look and state in a humbled tone "Ok...*sigh*...Mamo".  All is well as they embrace the task before them, moving on to another character, and this one shall be.....BLUE!   Giggles abound.

Forgotten is the tickle in the throat, or the fact that breathing is near impossible with this cold, forgiven is the drink spilled, or the laundry left on the floor...this is a time to revel in the laughter, the seriousness of their creativity, knowing from experience that one day the laughter, that allows me to picture me of  faeries rushing in a wind storm shall e gone, and I will wait for the sound of the crashing door, as it boldly announces "Mom I'm home!".  This is the time that will teach them, sharing is awesome, and there will always be someone willing to listen to the slightest question, just don't be afraid to ask.  Hands to be held, chins to be wiped, tears to be cleansed away....this is a period for which the past offers promises of presents tomorrow, and the dreams of today become the accomplishments remembered for a lifetime.  This is nothing I ever wished for, but everything I am grateful to have experienced.

This is My Life, Love and Happiness all wrapped up in a precocious mind of a toddler, who like her Aunts and Mother before her let me take time to stop and listen to the laughter, grasp the beauty in the rain, and know that this is just another Friday in a long line that will be remembered because it too offers a blessing beyond anything I ever dreamed.
This is the Pink to my rainbow, the Puzzle to my History, the Precociousness that will lead me smiling into tomorrow and beyond.  These are my children, my Grandchildren and my Blessing that I open my heart to everyday.

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